Flip Bros

Flip Bros is a funny platform game where you take down your enemies by launching yourself at them! All you need to do is to jump, rotate, and shoot yourself at the right time. The key to success is to maintain your momentum and seize the perfect moment! Be careful with all kinds of obstacles that could hurt you or stop you.

Poor Eddie

Poor Eddie, he always get's put in the worst situations. From being thrown up in the air by a trampoline and kicked mid-air to being blown up by a bomb and thrown over large pits, Eddie never gets a break. There are tons of obstacles in the game like spikes and TnT, but also lots to help you like elevators or lifts to take you where you need to go!

Dreadhead Parkour

Dreadhead Parkour is an epic running game where you as a dreadhead have to use your parkour experiences to complete all of the impossible missions. Run, flip, vault, slide, perform stunts, climb to be the best parkour master in the town.

Sharkosaurus Rampage

There is a secret underground laboratory hidden in the middle of the California's Red-woods. Mad scientists are trying to clone a killer monster combining shark's and dino-saurs DNA. You as a Sharkosaurus has to escape the secret lab and fight the security service working for science corporation. ...

Mini Train

The great Mini Train is heading out for its maiden journey, but it seem the blocks that have formed parts of its track have been moved and switched around. Now it is up to you to run ahead of the great Mini Train and put these blocks right so our hero train can complete his journey.

Eugene's Life

Immerse yourself in a colorful plasticine world! You are a clay character who is tasked with saving the world. Inflate yourself, jump, squeeze and bounce to get through dangerous obstacles. Use your brain to solve simple yet challenging puzzles to get to the final flag. ...

Death Chase 2

Will you make it to the finish lines of each one of these totally insane tracks? These death matches aren’t for the faint of heart! You’ll be racing through loops and pounding through walls while you compete against your opponents in this outrageous racing game. ...

Short Life 2

Short Life 2 is a unique game where you must rely on your survival skills to pass many dangerous obstacles. Guide our hero through all the different stages and brag to your friends about how long you've lasted in this unforgiving platformer!

Jelly Cat

Jelly Cat is a game where you have to feed your cat by drawing the right lines. Draw the right shapes to get your cat in the right direction. Make sure to make the shortest lines possible to get a perfect score of three cookies. Use the environment to create the best lines for your cat.

Bow Mania

Shoot as many apples as possible, but be careful - don't hit the good guys!
Buy new weapons, unlock extra heroes, collect coins and upgrade your skills to become a real bow maniac!

Parkour Jump

Prepare yourself for a unique parkour game!
In Parkour Jump you have to perform jumps, flips and stunts but be careful from bloody obstacles around you.

Lucky Life

Do you have guts to play this game? Choose your hero and try to get to the finish in one piece! Be aware of dangerous saws, knives, arrows, spikes and much more. Finish all the stages with as many stars as possible.
Have fun!

Short Ride

Short Ride is a bike riding action game that is the sequel to Short Life. This time, our brave hero doesn't walk, but rides a bicycle past dangerous obstacles. With some skill, and a bit of luck, you need to overcome every obstacle... in one piece!

Rio Rex

Control a huge raging T-rex through lots of levels full of innocent bystanders, attacking enemies and lots of stuff to break in pieces.
Just start the riot and enjoy Rio Rex!

Short Life

Choose your hero and get to the finish without losing your head! Avoid obstacles and try to complete the levels with all your body parts.


Death Chase

Get ready for another death chase in this exciting stunt driving challenge. Choose and customize your car first. Your objective is to race the bumpy road with some pretty big jumps as you try to take out your rivals.
To gain nitro you must perform stunts as you collect coins and stars to upgrade ...


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